Pipe Ashtrays


Product Description

Although any ashtray may be adequate, the committed pipe smoker may want to consider an ashtray specifically customized for pipe smoking. At City Cigar, we always carry a few affordable options.

What does a proper pipe ashtray consist of? The key feature is a resting area for the pipe, and models are available that will hold one – or multiple – pipes. Of course, you will also need to safely dump the ash after a smoking session, so pipe ashtrays typically come equipped with a cork knocker as well. Some models also include a resting area for a tamping tool, while others include a movable rest extension that easily allows for cigar smoking when desired.

Commonly available in a glossy black ceramic finish, a pipe ashtray can also be an elegant centerpiece on a coffee table. With both style and practical design, a pipe ashtray is an excellent addition to the pipe enthusiasts’ pipe accessory collection. Please see below for the current inventory of pipe ashtrays at City Cigar, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Peterson Pipe Ashtrays


Perhaps the most famous of pipe manufacturers, the Dublin-based Peterson company also produces a variety of sophisticated pipe accessories. Within their variety of pipe ashtrays, you can choose from a single or multi-pipe design. Other features may include a cork knocker, a pipe tool ‘dish’ and a cigar rest extension.

Generic Pipe Ashtrays


Generic pipe ashtrays are available in a black ceramic finish and are built with cradles for up to two pipes. These ashtrays feature a deep dish for plenty of ash, and a cork knocker for easy removal of residue from the pipe bowl.