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Choose From a Wide Variety of Sweet or Savoury Pipe Tobacco Custom Blends at City Cigar!


Although we also carry a wide variety of reputable name brand pipe tobaccos, our custom blends have become the tobacco of choice for the majority of our customers. Without sacrificing quality, the custom blends are priced lower due to the elimination of the ‘fringe costs’ (eg, packaging, brand recognition, etc) associated with the name brands. In addition, the fact that our custom blends are stored in open jars as opposed to sealed tins allows you to get a better sense of the aroma of each of the blends.

Please note that both ‘Premium’ and ‘Classic’ custom blends are sold in either 25 or 50 gram increments.

Premium Custom Blends

-Sweet Blends-

City’s Own

A smooth, tasty blend of both premium Golden and Black Cavendish leaf. A light Vanilla top coating gives this blend a delicious flavour and delightful aroma. This is a great anytime, anywhere choice. Try it and you’ll see why!
Sweet – Medium

 Yaletown Cafe

A smooth mixture of fine Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos, enriched with the aroma of dark chocolate and Colombian coffee beans. This gives it a nice mellow Mocha flavour. Great anytime, but exceptional in the morning! A blend made for the true coffee connoisseur.
Sweet – Mild

Deep Cove Black Cavendish

A fire cured, subtly flavoured Black Cavendish leaf. Extremely mild and slow burning, this blend is the ideal Black Cavendish for the aromatic smoker.

Fairview’s Finest

A premier Golden Cavendish infused with a touch of premium Black Cavendish leaf. A mild aromatic smoke that won’t leave the taste buds wanting.

Broadway Breeze

A smooth blend with a delicious flavour and aroma. A healthy mix of premium Golden and Black Cavendish, makes this aromatic blend perfect for any occasion.

-Savoury Blends-

Pacific Flake

Made from orange and red Virginias to which enough Perique has been added to create a refreshing smoke with a satisfying richness and depth of flavour. Well-balanced, dark matured cake. For the long time Virginia smoker, who now craves a little more complexity.
Savoury – Medium

City’s Early Morning Pipe

Is a top-quality, traditional light English tobacco, comprised of Sweet Oriental, complimented by Bright & Red Virginias, and medium cut Latakia. Perfect for smoking in the morning when there’s a nip in the air, dew on the grass and the day holds infinite possibilities. If you used to enjoy the old Dunhill Early Morning Pipe blend, this blend is for you!
Savoury – Medium

-Sweet & Savoury Blends-

2010 Gold Medal Flake

A matured cake blend of the finest lemon and orange-red Virginias. It is enhanced with natural fruit essences. Lightly sweet, satisfying and smooth, but with a little zest. This is matured Virginia at its traditional best. A must try for flake lovers!
Sweet & Savoury – Medium

Classic Custom Blends

-Sweet Blends-

Georgia Burley

Kentucky grown Burley is the main element in this blend. Black Cavendish is added to create a medium to slow burning mixture with a mildness and sweet aroma that is pleasing to all.
Sweet – Mild

Coal Harbour Black Cavendish

A superior and delightfully aromatic Black Cavendish. This is a blend of select Virginia and Burley heat-treated, bulk cured and aged to create an unusually mild smoke.
Sweet – Mild

Cambie Cavendish

A great Danish formula made from Green River Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos. Each has been stored and fermented individually before the final hand blending of six different cuts. The teasing aroma of Hickory Nuts adds character to this unique blend.
Sweet – Mild

Dunbar Delight

This blend features the world famous Green River Black Cavendish, expertly blended with Kentucky Burley and Virginia tobaccos. Outstanding flavour and aroma combine in a mild, all day smoking mixture.
Sweet – Mild

Point Grey Irish

A masterful blend of Bright Virginia and Burley tobaccos enhanced with the delightful flavour of Irish Cream. A complex vanilla casing is the finishing touch to this rich, smooth aromatic blend.
Sweet – Mild

Peach Fest

Golden Cavendish is the base for this blend. Flavoured with the finest Georgia peach and fire cured for a pleasant taste and aroma.
Sweet – Mild

Sweet Seymour

Beautiful Bright Virginia grades are blended with Natural Cavendish and Dark Sun Cured tobaccos from Brazil. French Vanilla and Canadian Maple combine to create a delicious smoke with a great aroma.
Sweet – Mild

Granville Island Grog

Expertly blended Golden Virginias and mellow White Burley, this Cavendish style blend is then topped with a subtle mixture of buttered New England and Jamaican Rums that produce a bite-free taste with a captivating aroma.
Sweet – Mild

Capilano Cavendish

Our Natural Cavendish is mild and pleasantly sweet. This is a favourite of many Cavendish lovers who prefer a non-aromatic blend.
Sweet – Mild to Medium

Pacific Spirit

Ribbon-Cut Virginia Tobacco with rich Black Cavendish. This blend is thick and full-bodied with a hint of raisins.
Sweet – Medium

Sir Stanley’s Mixture

This blend has been developed from select choice tobaccos with an even cut. The different flavours give this blend a striking rich aroma, with superb taste and no bite.
Sweet – Medium

6th Avenue

A top grade Natural Cavendish, hand blended with Bright Virginia and super mild Black Cavendish with a brandy casing. Excellent burning quality and a perfect harmony of flavour and aroma.
Sweet – Medium

Laurel Leaf

A blend of bulk cured Black Cavendish and sweet Golden Virginia. The essence of almond combined with these premium tobaccos provides an irresistible flavour and aroma.
Sweet – Medium

Kitsilano Cherry Blossom

This rich cherry aromatic blend is a combination of Brown Cavendish, Toasted Cavendish and Virginia. The Black Cherry flavour and aroma are very distinctive and a crowd pleaser.
Sweet – Medium

Mount Pleasant

#1 grade American AAA Burley, Golden Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos flavoured with an exclusive vanilla extract.
Sweet – Mild

Cocoa-Halla Fog

Fire-cured Black Cavendish and rich dark grades of Burley flavoured with a unique robust chocolate. The finest chocolate blend a pipe smoker can experience.
Sweet – Medium

-Savoury Blends-

Trafalgar Park

This blend consists of mild Latakia from Cypress and U.S. grown Virginia. Although this blend appeals to experienced pipe smokers, due consideration is given to the mild trends by adding just a touch of Black Brazilian Sun Cured grades. Mild to medium bodied with a great aroma.
Savoury – Mild

English Bay

A perfect introduction to English style pipe tobaccos. This blend is a mixture of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia and Perique. This is a medium strength blend.
Savoury – Medium

City’s D-965

Our version of the classic old English recipe, this is the traditional blend of Virginia, Turkish and Oriental leaf with a generous portion of Latakia. It is medium to full-bodied with rich, spicy aroma.
Savoury – Medium to Full

Burrard Balkan

A classic Balkan mixture of Latakia, Orientals, Lemon and Red Virginias. This blend has a cool yet smoky flavour creating a dramatic, incense-like room note. It is full-bodied in strength.
Savoury – Full

-Sweet & Savoury Blends-

Lost Lagoon

A great introduction to English style blends, this tobacco combines the best Cavendish with Syrian Latakia. The Flavour of a classic English with the aroma of dark chocolate and malt vanilla.
Sweet & Savoury – Medium

-Natural Blends-

888 Virginia Flake

Premium quality Red, Lemon and Matured Virginias are blended and pressed then cut in slices. The traditional English flake allows for rubbing out to the desired texture for indoor and outdoor smoking. A zesty medium bodied blend of naturally sweet Virginia.
Natural – Mild to Medium

City’s Golden Virginia Fine Cut

The finest Golden Virginias have been selected for this blend. Fine cut and long-stranded, providing an easy rolling and even-burning character.
Natural – Medium

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