Going to or Coming Back from Cuba?


While in Cuba you will find fantastic Cuban cigars to explore and enjoy.
There are some simple rules to follow that are tried, tested and true.

  1. Consistency is the key. They should all look similar in colour, size, and shape.
  2. Open and inspect any boxes that you’re considering purchasing. This ensures consistency within the box and also allows you to inspect for any possible tobacco beetles.
  3. Buy from a licensed government store. Cuban cigars not purchased from a government store cannot be authenticated. Buying Cuban Cigars from any other source is strongly discouraged, and are almost always fakes.
  4. Verify the box yourself. When possible, verify the authenticity of the box by entering the barcode number at Habanos SA’s website. Their website, Habanos.com, has a section dedicated to this – which includes showing you where the needed barcode is located on the box.
  5. Be mindful of prices. If a price appears too good to be true, it probably is. For example, a box of authentic Cohiba Esplendidos would never sell for $50.
  6. Consider purchasing less-popular brands and sizes. These not only strengthen your chances of purchasing authentic product, but will more than likely provide you with aged product as well.

Less-popular brand suggestions: La Gloria Cubana, Trinidad, El Rey Del Mundo,
Ramon Allones, Punch, Saint Luis Rey, and Vegas Robaina.
For a full list of Cuban Cigars we sell, check out the Cuban Cigar section of our website.

Please Note: We unfortunately cannot purchase your extra Cuban cigars that you brought back, as we must go through a government registered distributor. As well, the cigars have to have duties and taxes paid on them for us to sell them through our store.

Finally, you will want to properly store your cigars for maximum smoking pleasure for yourself or others. To do so, you may want to purchase a Humi-pouch. Humi-pouches will keep the box of cigars fresh for 90 days when kept out of extreme cold or heat, while you wait to smoke them yourself or find a friend to sell them to!