Pipe Cleaning Supplies


Product Description

A used pipe can be a thing of beauty; it is an artifact of a rich history of relaxation and leisure. However, if you feel that it’s time to restore a pipe, you may want to invest in a few pipe cleaning supplies to get the job done properly.

In addition to pipe cleaners, which are ideally being used after every smoke, there are various items that can help restore a pipe in terms of both aesthetics and the smoking experience. To address the latter, you may be experiencing an unpleasant taste during a smoke due to caked-on residue in the bowl, stem or shank. This problem can be remedied with a good cleaning fluid, which will dissolve stale residue without leaving its own unwanted flavour behind.

The exterior of a pipe can be improved with use of bowl polish, mouthpiece polish, and asilicone cleaning cloth. Bowl and mouthpiece polish can help bring a shine back to neglected or inherited tobacco pipes. A silicone polishing cloth can help a pipe regain its elegance, while protecting the briar with an invisible film of silicone wax.

City Cigar currently carries the Dunhill and Deniclean fluid, polish, and polishing cloth products listed below. If you need more information about these products, or current availability, please feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Dunhill Pipe Bowl Polish


Dunhill Pipe Bowl Polish is available in 10 gram tubes, and can be used on smooth, rustic, and sandblasted pipe bowls. This wax polish is ideal for restoring a crisp shine to the bowl’s exterior on vintage pipes.

Dunhill Pipe Mouthpiece Polish


Dunhill Pipe Mouthpiece Polish is available in 10 gram tubes. It effectively removes oxidization on the pipe’s mouthpiece.

Dunhill Silicone Pipe Care Cloth


The Dunhill Silicone Pipe Care Cloth is made of 100% waxed cotton. It protects all exterior parts of the pipe with an invisible film of silicone wax.

Dunhill Pipe Care Kit


The Dunhill Pipe Care Kit features everything you need to clean and refurbish a pipe, including a 10g tube of bowl polish, a 10g tube of mouthpiece polish, a silicone care cloth, and a package of 100 tapered pipe cleaners.

Deniclean Pipe Cleaning Kit


The Deniclean Pipe Cleaning Kit is a 5-piece kit that contains everything you need to effectively clean both the interior and exterior of your pipe. This includes cleaning liquid, bowl polish, mouthpiece polish, a polishing cloth and a bundle of pipe cleaners.