Priming Your Humidor

Humidor - Cuban Wheel (1)

The Simple Steps to Priming/Seasoning a New Humidor
  • Remove all cigars from humidor. Do not put them back into the humidor until 6 hours after wetting down the humidor. The wood should NOT be wet when you put the cigars back in.
  • Remove the hygrometer and humidifier from the humidor.
  • Fill the Humibrick/Puck/Humidifier before you start to wet the wood down.
  • Using a spritzing bottle, lightly spray the interior cedar wood with distilled water until the wood appears wet.
  • Wipe the excess water from within the humidor using a clean paper towel, paying close attention to the corners. (Failure to thoroughly wipe the excess water from the box will promote warping of the wood, which in turn would compromise the seal of the humidor and void the warranty).
  • Replace the Humibrick/Puck/Humidifier and close the box for a minimum of 6 hours before putting the cigars back into the humidor.
  • Be aware that new humidors require the Humibrick/Puck/Humidifier to be refilled about once a week for the first 4 weeks.
  • The Humibrick/Puck/Humidifier will need to be replaced every year.

Humidor - Cuban Wheel 2

Recharging the Humidifier
  • Remove the humidifier/puck from the humidor.
  • Put all your cigars in Zip-loc bags with a Boveda Pouch if you have one.
  • Spritz down the humidor as you did when you first primed it (see above)
  • Add Distilled Water to your humibrick/puck, boost with some Propylene Glycol if you like (Usually 2 -3 quick squirts of it are sufficient.Replace the brick if you’ve had it for over a year.
  • With a paper towel, wipe and shake off any excess water in the box and on your puck/humibrick to ensure no water gets onto your cigars.
  • Replace the humidifier/puck into the humidor.
  • Ideally, repeat this process once a year

The steps outlined above give approximate timing for proper maintenance of a typical humidor. Every humidor is different and you must use your own judgment to get the cigars at the humidity level that you most prefer. Ideal humidity for cigars is 68% – 72% and ideal temperature for cigars is below 70 degrees fahrenheit.

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