Video Gallery


Some aspects of our business simply can’t be described in mere words. Hence our new video gallery, which offers not just a visual tour of the store but also some valuable tips on proper use of the products sold within.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Cuban cigar was rolled, how to properly smoke a pipe or hookah, or are just curious as to the layout of our store, you’re in the right place! And, we’ll continue to expand our Video Gallery with more informative and entertaining videos, so be sure to check back in the future.


Future of Cigar Lounges?

City Cigar Video Tour

With Ontario considering allowing 'licensed cannabis consumption lounges' in 2018, is there a future once again for cigar lounges in Vancouver and nationwide? City News reporter Tom Walsh discusses the possibility with City Cigar staff.

In this video collage, we give you a glimpse inside our store and our large and ever-expanding cigar merchandise. Also included are snapshots of the people and events that have helped make City Cigar the place to go for cigars in Western Canada.

City Cigar in 2014

City Cigar in 2013

What does City Cigar look like in 2014? This virtual tour leads you through all three rooms of the store and our wide variety of inventory as of this year.

In early 2013, the Yellow Pages crew stopped by to help us with an updated video tour. And they did a fine job indeed, capturing both the range of stock and the glistening beauty of City Cigar in 2013.

Hamlet Parades at City Cigar

Arnold Returns

The visit of the master Cuban roller at City Cigar is always our most popular annual event - and Hamlet's visit in october, 2009 was no exception. in this video, Hamlet offers a brief lesson in the art of rolling cigars as store dog 'Chisel' listens studiously.

In the spring of 2007, we received a surprise visit from a special guest - the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Global TV covered the story, and our own Lianne comments on this exciting visit.