Pipe Lighters


Product Description

Because a session of pipe smoking is all about relaxation, you want a lighter that will burn the tobacco with ease. But as it burns the tobacco, it shouldn’t take the bowl with it. And, since the flavour of the tobacco is paramount with a pipe, the classic Zippo lighter just won’t do.

A proper pipe lighter addresses all of these concerns. It will feature a horizontal or angledflame that can be gently drawn towards the top tobacco leaves in the bowl. Its flame will be soft, rather than the torch used for cigars, so no damage is done to the rim of the bowl. And it will be refillable with butane, an odorless gas that doesn’t transfer a ‘gassy’ flavour to the tobacco.

City Cigar carries a wide variety of pipe lighters. Available brands include Peterson, Colibri,Lotus and Vertigo, with prices starting under $30. Besides the flame itself, pipe lighters commonly include built-in tamping tools. Some models even feature all three main tools used by the pipe smoker (tamper, pick, and scraper).

For more information about the pipe lighters available at City Cigar, please see our inventory by brand below. And feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Colibri Pipe Lighters

Colibri-Pacific-pipe-lighter   Colibri-Connaught-pipe-lighter

Colibri, one of the most famous lighter manufacturers in the world, produces two pipe lighters: the Pacific(above left), and the Connaught II (above right). Both models feature a built-in tamper and external flame adjuster. The Pacific also includes a fuel-level window for easy detection of the butane level.

Xikar Pipe Lighters

Xikar-Pipeline-pipe-lighter   Xikar-Resource-pipe-lighter

With Xikar brand pipe lighters, you can choose from a classic look with the Pipeline series (above left), or a more modern one with the Resource (above right). The Pipeline features an angled flame, a built-in tamper, and is available in a black or silver finish. The Resource features a horizontal flame, three built-in pipe tools (tamper, poker and knife), and is available in a black or burl finish. Both lighters are backed by Xikar’s lifetime warranty.

Lotus Pipe Lighters


The Lotus company produces one of the most unique pipe lighters on the market with the L25 Dual Flamemodel. This lighter features both a horizontal soft flame for pipes, and a wind-resistant, single-jet flame for everything else. A fuel-level window helps you detect a low butane level, and this lighter is available in a variety of colours and designs.

Vertigo Pipe Lighters


Vertigo pipe lighters are the lowest-priced pipe lighters available at City Cigar, and include three different models. Both the Dublin and the Governor (pictured above) feature a horizontal flame, a built-in tamper, and are available in a variety of colours and designs. The Puffer model features a horizontal flame, is available in black, blue or orange, and includes three built-in pipe tools: a tamper, a pick, and a bowl scraper.