Pipe Tools


Product Description

When a budding pipe enthusiast purchases their first pipe, the very next purchase (besides the tobacco, of course) is typically a 3-piece pipe tool. For a pipe smoker, such an item redefines the word ‘accessory’, as a 3-piece pipe tool is nearly as important to the smoking experience as the pipe itself.

A proper 3-piece tool aids enormously in both the packing and routine maintenance of the pipe. The three tools commonly included are the tamper, the scraper (or reamer), and thepick. The tamper’s main purpose is to apply gentle pressure on the tobacco as it’s being layered in the bowl. It also has the secondary purpose of crushing the ash together to aid in relighting.

The scraper, or reamer, often resembles a miniature barber’s razor or small spoon. It is for use after a smoking session, to remove unburned tobacco and ash from the interior of the bowl.

The pick is a narrow rod that is commonly used to ‘break up’ tightly-packed tobacco for better air flow. It can also be used to clear the pipe’s shank of debris.

At City Cigar, we carry a few different types of inexpensive 3-piece pipe tools, with the most basic costing less than $5. This top-selling pipe tool is manufactured by the Brigham pipe company.

Also available at City Cigar are standalone tampers and reamers for pipes. More information about these and our full pipe tool inventory can be seen below, or you can contact us with specific questions.

Brigham 3-in-1 Pipe Tool



The 3-in-1 Brigham pipe tool sells for less than $5, and features a tamper, poker and bowl scraper.

Brigham Pipe Reamer


This inexpensive reamer fits into any standard sized pipe bowl, and comes with a handy carrying pouch.

Dunhill Adjustable Carbon Reamer


This stainless steel pipe reamer is fully adjustable and includes a handy carrying pouch.

Dunhill Classic Black Stainless Steel Pipe Gadget


This elegant pipe tool by Alfred Dunhill includes a gold-plated tamper and cleaning spike in a black vulcanite cover.