Habanos Specialists

City Cigar Emporium – Official Habanos Specialist

Habanos specialist

In order to know that you’re getting authentic Cuban cigars from a reputable dealer, always look for the ‘Habanos Specialist’ label. Habanos Specialists are those retailers that purchase their cigars from authorized sources only.

Habanos Specialists are also expected to adhere to high quality control, in terms of both product maintenance and service. Habanos.com describes the responsibilities of the Habanos Specialist thus:

“Habanos Specialists are independent cigar retailers, who support the unique quality and prestige of Habanos by having both excellent service and a wide assortment of Habanos. Each one meets the standards set by Habanos s.a.and its local distributors for their ability to keep cigars in perfect condition and their knowledge about the product.”

But can’t any retailer slap the Habanos Specialist label on their website and trick the public into thinking they’re legit? Yes! But such trickery can be checked by referencing Habanos.com – Cuba’s own cigar website. Here, in the ‘Buy/Smoke’ section, you can search for legitimate Habanos Specialists by entering a specific store name, or searching by country to find an HS near you.

Pictured below is a quick glimpse of City Cigar’s Habanos Specialist profile on Habanos.com: