Humidor Troubleshooting


Humidor_troubleshootingEach humidor is unique once it gets to your home. We will always try to ascertain what the best solution is for your humidity issues.

The top things to check include:

Is this a new humidor?
Perhaps the wood hasn’t stabilized. It will take up to 5 to 6 weeks for new, dry wood to absorb enough moisture to be able to keep the interior humidity up at 70%. Be patient and remember that you must fill your humi-brick a number of times in the first month to saturate the wood properly. We recommend once a week for the first month, then once a month thereafter. You’ll be able to tell by how heavy the puck is, how dry your cigars are and the reading on the digital hygrometer.

Was the humibrick/puck/humidifier started properly?
Humibricks should get heavy when they are filled with distilled water. Fill the puck let it sit until it does not take anymore distilled water, shake off any excess water, gently wipe with a clean paper towel and place in the humidor.
If you find that the water runs right through then it’s time for a new one altogether.
You should replace your puck/brick every 12 months.

Having trouble with humidity?
You can also use a propylene glycol solution to boost humidity. It is good to use a solution initially and then periodically throughout the year. Too much Propylene Glycol solution will draw moisture out of the environment, resulting in low humidity. Too little will be unable to remove moisture and you’ll have soggy stogies!

You can also boost your humidity with Boveda packs. They can be used as the sole humidification device.
We sell 69%, 72%, 75% and 84% Boveda packs. We recommend 2 packs per 25 cigars, so if you have 50 cigars
get 3 or 4 packs. Alternatively, these packs can give you a little extra boost in your humidor. They also work
well in a zip-lock bag for those extra cigars that do not fit in your humidor or that you are re-humidifying or
those you want to keep separate from your existing supplies to check for tobacco beetles.

Have you checked the humidor seal?
Does your humidor seal well? Perhaps a bad seal is exchanging too much air with the outside. If your
humidor is brand new allow some time for the wood to swell as it begins to retain humidity.

Have you done the salt test on your hygrometer?
Is your hygrometer calibrated? Analog hygrometers (dial type) are often out by up to 20 – 30%! Your actual
humidity might be fine. Use the simple calibration procedure found in the Hygrometer section of our website.

How do I keep my cigars from over-humidifying?
Your cigars should be slightly supple and slightly crackly. Does that make sense? Some swear by the ear test.
But be careful as you roll the cigar – these are delicate pieces of art with a fragile wrapper. The more you
fondle, rub, caress the cigar the more you are upsetting the natural state it was in when it was freshly made.
Now that it has sat for a year (All cigars need to sit for a year through their “sick period”) you want to preserve
the drier state that is naturally at with slight humidity. That’s why you have a humidor!

As long as your cigars feel and smoke fine then no matter what the reading on your hygrometer,
keep doing what you’re doing. One thing though – keep an eye on it. If it continues to climb, then there
may be a situation to deal with. As a humi-brick is repeatedly replenished with water, often a little
Propylene Glycol (the regulating chemical) is flushed out by slight overfilling. Eventually, you end up with
more water than Propylene Glycol, and your humidity starts to climb. This indicates that it’s time to re-charge
the puck with distilled water and/or more solution.

How do I keep my cigars from under-humidifying?
Check the lid. Is it a tight seal? looking along the “crack”, can you see daylight through it? In dry weather,
this small crack can result in enough moisture loss to limit the humidity.

If you’ve checked the accuracy of your digital hygrometer, checked your lid and replaced your humi-brick, the problem must be in the way the exterior wood is finished and sealed. The moisture must be going somewhere. Moisture will readily seep right through the wood of a poorly sealed humidor – especially in the dry season.

Be sure the bottom is properly finished (and sealed). This is a common oversight of home-finished boxes.How do I check the seal of humidor?
You can check if poorly sealed wood is your problem. Put the whole system into a tightly sealed plastic bag
(with wet humi-brick and hygrometer inside), and let it sit for 3 days. Did the humidity come up? If so, you’ll
have to seal the exterior of your box better.

What is the best numbers to read on my hygrometer?
If your hygrometer reads 68% (assuming accurate, and calibrated or you’ve done a salt test) – this environment
is good for cigars. What if it was 65% or 75%? Well 68% is ok generally. At 65 you may find your wrappers starting to dry out (very delicate and easy to crack). 75% can be alright too, although your cigars might smoke a little tighter. It really just depends on how you like your cigars. Keep in mind, anything over 75% you are running the risk of tobacco beetles hatching and losing your entire box of beautiful Cuban cigars to these little buggers!

For any other questions, email or call us directly. We are always happy to help you with your humidor trouble shooting!

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