With strict adherence to quality and authenticity, we guarantee our products and your satisfaction.

We’ve built a strong reputation and have become a local Vancouver landmark by specializing in all kinds of cigars, including Cuban, Dominican,, Honduran, and Nicaraguan..

For visitors and locals alike we are THE store to visit for your cigar needs in Vancouver. And, if you’re unable to visit our store, you can call us to order cigars shipped right to your door!

We have a progressively expanding inventory which now includes Pipe Tobacco, and Hookahs & Shisha. We also house the largest selection of cigar accessories in Canada.

Our tradition of providing the best customer experience and finest quality cigars in the world continues with your next visit.

Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Welcome to City Cigar – the #1 Vancouver Tobacconist for Cuban and Non-Cuban Cigars, Pipes, and Hookah

“Canada’s Largest Cigar Store”

City Cigar is the premier cigar store in Vancouver, Canada, with over 15 years of bringing the largest and finest selection of Cuban cigars and cigars from other countries to locals and celebrities.

City Cigar’s Photo Gallery

Planning a trip to Vancouver and not sure where to go to get your cigars, pipes or hookah? Curious to see if we really are Canada’s largest cigar store as we claim? Welcome to our photo gallery, where we offer a glimpse into City Cigar with the hope that we will be your tobacconist of choice when in Vancouver!

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery, but don’t stop there – come on into the store, and we promise to take good care of you!

Vancouver City Cigar’s Video Gallery

Some aspects of our business simply can’t be described in mere words. Hence our new video gallery, which offers not just a visual tour of the store but also some valuable tips on proper use of the products sold within.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Cuban cigar was rolled, how to properly smoke a pipe or hookah, or are just curious as to the layout of our store, you’re in the right place! And, we’ll continue to expand our Video Gallery with more informative and entertaining videos, so be sure to check back in the future.