Electronic Humidors


Product Description

Among all of the humidors available at City Cigar, the electronic humidor is the most unique. This is primarily because it doesn’t require a separate humidification unit (such as an electronic humidifier, which requires batteries or wires, and can cost hundreds of dollars on its own).

With an electronic humidor, a water tank is pre-equipped, which simply needs to be filled with about 1 litre of distilled water. After filling, simply set the desired temperature and humidity level and voila! The humidor is ready to keep you cigar stock well-humidified.

In terms of settings, the temperature can be set anywhere between 60 to 68 degrees, and the humidity can be set between 68% to 75%. Thick reinforced walls keep the unit insulated so the temperature and humidity are consistent. And a digital hygrometer displays these readings, which are easy to see through the glass front door.

City Cigar currently carries the Liebherr XS 200 model of electronic humidor. This unit is fairly compact (at 24″ high and 16″ wide), and stores up to 200 cigars comfortably. Cigars can be separated and spread out on the 2 shelves and 2 trays included, each of which are made of Spanish cedar. And all shelves and trays are removable, so you can modify the space to fit your needs.

But how do you know when to refill the water tank? When the level gets low, an alarm sounds to warn that more water is needed. So even us forgetful types are covered by the ‘smartest’ humidor around!

For more information – including current pricing – on the electronic humidors available at City Cigar, please feel free to contact us.