100 Count Humidors


Product Description

Have you recently crossed over from a curious novice to a passionate cigar aficionado? Then it may be time for your first 100-count cigar humidor.

Among the most common of humidor sizes, a 100-count humidor typically contains plenty of room to hold 4-5 boxes of cigars. They are almost always multi-level (ie, come with a tray), and quite often include features like locks, handles, digital hygrometers and/or aeration ‘grids’. With 100 counts, there is always a nice variety of shapes and designs, including glass top (and glass front) options.

Do be aware, however, that a humidor should be kept at or near capacity to avoid problems with humidity. This means that a 100-count humidor should consistently contain at least 70-80 cigars. If this is not your situation, you may want to consider a 75-count or 50-count humidor for more effective long-term storage.

Since our specific inventory of 100-count humidors does tend to fluctuate, it’s best to come in and see what we have to get a sense of your range of options. Or, you can certainly contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss which 100-count humidor may be right for you!