50 Count Humidors


Product Description

For the more serious cigar smoker – as well the traveler to Cuba who’s just returned with their 50-stick limit – we offer a fine variety of 50 count cigar humidors.

You certainly don’t need to break the bank for a 50-count humidor, as we always carry many great options in the $100 – $200 price range. In this range you can get some neat features, like a glass top, a digital hygrometer, and a lock to keep friends and family from pilfering your treasure.

For a little more you can get a 50-count humidor that includes a tray that allows for more even distribution of humidity, or a renowned brand name. Our brand name 50-count humidors include Siglo (which includes a gorgeous lacquer finish & digital hygrometer) and Alfred Dunhill (made from durable, exotic wood & with impeccable craftsmanship).

Anything more specific you’d like to know about our selection of 50 count humidors? Feel free to contact us with any questions or come into the store and see what we’ve got!