5-20 Count Humidors


Product Description

If you are a moderate cigar smoker who simply enjoys a stogie now and then, a 5-20 count desktop humidor may be perfect for you.

At City Cigar, you have plenty of options for this size of humidor. We have rectangular options that hold up to 10 cigars, small square options that hold 10-20, and large square options that could hold up to an entire box of cigars. Each of these desktop options sell for under $60 and typically come in either burl, cherry red or walnut finishes – though prime colours (red, yellow & blue) are also available.

In addition, we commonly carry a small selection of desktop humidors in the $60-$75 range. For the extra price, you get a more distinct and elegant design, such as with our Mahoganyor Black with Leather Trim 15-count options. We also carry a selection of small travel humidors that are stylish enough to double as desktops.

Of course, every humidor comes with its own humibrick as well as a bottle of distilled water for both the brick and to prime the humidor with. This way, you have all the essentials needed to get started with your humidor immediately.

If you have any questions about our selection of 5-20 count humidors, you can always contact us by phone or email. Better yet, come on into the store and see our extensive selection in person!