Product Description

A humi-pouch is an ideal way to travel with up to 25 cigars!

Each humi-pouch is fitted with a built-in humidification system, consisting of two compartments. The first compartment contains a moisture pad that releases a 98% level of humidity. The second compartment regulates the first, providing a membrane that is both permeable and protective, and allows the pouch a 68%-72% humidity environment that is ideal for cigars.

Because the moisture pad is sealed into the bag, it can be moved around without any moving parts jostling around inside. This means the cigars are protected from any damage or moisture leakage. It also provides a 90-day shelf life for long vacations or constant business travel.

The humi-pouch is available in three different sizes. The ‘Elite’ holds up to 4 cigars, the ‘Connoisseur’ holds up to 7 sticks, and the ‘Vintage’ is good for an entire box, or up to 25 cigars. Each allows the cigars some breathing room provided the quantity specifications aren’t exceeded.

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