Humidor Maintenance


For cigar smokers, there are few problems more irritating than reaching into the humidor and finding that your stogies contain less moisture than a box of graham crackers. Not only do dry cigars fall apart more easily when cutting and smoking, but a sharper taste is often observed as well.

The good news is that dried-out cigars are pretty easy to avoid. All decent humidors are pre-packaged with their own humidifiers (or humibricks). If you can’t seem to remember to fill your brick, you can always switch to zero-maintenance Boveda packs. And if you prefer not to invest in a humidor at all, you can grab an inexpensive humi-pouch, which fits several cigars at once and gives you three solid months of 70% humidity – and again, with zero maintenance.

We also offer tools to measure a humidors’ relative humidity. If you already have a humidor, you may have noticed that its analog hygrometer can be a touch erratic. In that case, you can upgrade to a digital version. They may not look as pretty, but are certainly more practical. And they, too, are inexpensive considering how effectively they can help save your cigars from becoming crispier than Canadian bacon.

This section is all about making sure your cigars are getting the proper humidity. At the links below, you’ll find useful information on the subject whether you’re looking for a new humibrick, supplemental humidity (especially good for the dry winters), temporary humidity, or a humidity unit you can travel with. You can also find out about glycol solution for humibricks, and how to choose a proper hygrometer.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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