Boveda Packs

Product Description

Looking for the most convenient humidification unit on the market? Then you may want to consider a Boveda Pack.

Sometimes described as looking like an ‘oversized sugar packet’, Boveda packs are filled with a saline solution that is pre-treated to maintain a specific humidity level in the humidor. This means you can find a BP that is right for you whether you need a lesser humidity bump (65% or 69%), or a little more juice (72% or 75%). Boveda also offers an 84% seasoning packet, which can be used to season a new humidor.

Convenience with Boveda Packs is offered in two ways. First, they do not need to be filled. As soon as they are removed from their protective cellophane packaging, they are activated and ready to work. You simply need to remember to replace them in 2-3 months, or when the solution inside has turned from liquid to solid.

Second, they are unlikely to leak their contents onto the cigars, so they can be placed anywhere in a humidor, case, bag or container. However, they can also be organized with the use of a cedar holder (see below).

Boveda packs are available in either 60 gram or 8 gram sizes. The 60 gram packs are suitable for humidor use, while the 8 gram packs are great for travel humidors. Both are currently available at City Cigar.

For more information on these Boveda pack options, as well as a way to keep BP’s organized in your humidor, please see the information below. And feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

60 Gram Boveda Packs

60 gram Boveda Packs can be used as a brick replacement, or to boost your humidity – especially during the winter months, when artificial heat is creating a drier environment. In fact, many of our Boveda pack sales occur in November and December, when humidity is dropping in the humidor despite no other changes than the winter weather.

If you’re using Boveda packs in place of a brick, how many will you need? This depends on a few factors (climate, humidor size, humidity preference, etc), but for most smokers, one to four packs will suffice. A 10-count desktop humidor will probably only need one, while a 100-count will probably need three or four. You can also use the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, Boveda Inc, by viewing the chart on their website here.

City Cigar currently carries 60-gram Boveda Packs in four different humidity strengths: 65%, 69%, 72% and 75%. If you’re not sure which is best for your particular situation, please make sure to ask our staff and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

8 Gram Boveda Packs

The compact 8-gram Boveda packs are the most versatile humidification units on the market. They can be tucked into travel humidors, cigar cases, or even a simple ziploc bag to offer cigar humidity when you’re on the run. And like the 60-gram version, they are zero maintenance and offer a solid couple of months of humidity.

City Cigar currently carries the 72% model of 8-gram Boveda packs. This is the most popular strength, and each pack is good for up to a half-dozen cigars.

Boveda Cedar Holders

If you prefer to use Boveda packs in place of a humibrick, you may also want to keep them organized. In this case, you may want to invest in a cedar holder which includes a magnetic mounting kit that allows you to attach it to the humidor lid.

There are two sizes of Boveda Cedar Holders, including a 2 or 4 pack holder. The 2-pack holder will be suitable for 25 to 50 count humidors, while the 4-pack holder is designed for 75 to 100 count humidors. All strengths of 60-gram Boveda packs will fit snugly inside.