Travel Humidors at City Cigar


Product Description

If you like to keep a small stash of cigars with you when you’re on the go, you’ve come to the right place. Travel humidors are ideal for smokers who are constantly on business trips or – better yet – take multiple long vacations each year.

If the nature of your travel involves the outdoors, or if you’re concerned about your cigars being damaged in your luggage, a pelican case may be the best solution. City Cigar carries products like the Cigar Extreme, a fairly inconspicuous foam-lined hard case that is available in multiple sizes, holding from 5 to 30 cigars. A humibrick is fastened on the inner lid to provide humidity for longer excursions.
Prefer something without the foam lining but with a similarly durable exterior? You may prefer a cedar-lined aluminum travel humidor. Though they don’t lock the cigars in as securely as a foam-lined hard case, the stainless aluminum body provides ample protection against outside forces.
Similar to the above but with a less utilitarian look are our ‘Stitched’ travel humidors. These are a great option if your travel often takes you to cigar events or other such social functions.

Or perhaps you like the idea of a travel humidor that looks like a desktop humidor, for perfect placement in a hotel room, second home or summer cottage. We have some very portable options perfect for this purpose. These humidors generally hold from 5-10 cigars, and differ from a standard desktop with the addition of either a magnet or a latch that keeps the box shut when in transit.

Finally, if you’re looking for the height of elegance, you may be more interested in our name brand travel humidors. ST Dupont, Alfred Dunhill, and Brizard each have a selection of cedar-lined travel humidors that include a high-quality humibrick within the luxurious exterior.
Still not sure about City Cigar’s selection of travel humidors? Feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our store to get a full idea of what we carry!