Travel Humidors


Somewhere between the pocket carrying case and the traditional humidor lies the handy travel humidor. Too big for the pocket and less aesthetically pleasing than a desktop humidor, the travel humidor is an ideal solution for cigar smokers always on the go. Not only does a travel humidor offer protection for the cigars, it commonly offers humidity in the form of a small humibrick as well.

But which style is right for your particular purpose? If your travels often keep you outdoors or any situation where the humidor may get banged around, a foam-lined pelican case may be best. If you seek something more elegant and have control over the movement of the humidor, you may want a cedar-lined travel option that can double as a desktop humidor as well.

More information about your travel humidor options is available at the link below, and you are always free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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