Pharaoh’s Hoses


Product Description

Pharaoh’s sells some of the most popular hookah models in the industry (Kaya, Mirage, Eclipse, Lumos, Nefertiti, etc). And one benefit of the brand is that most of their models are easily upgraded from single to multi-hose, if desired. Of course, sometimes hoses just suffer wear & tear, and need to be replaced. For either scenario, City Cigar keeps a full stock of Pharaoh’s single hoses.

Pharaoh’s standard hoses measure 70″ in length, which fits perfectly in all popular models. In order to reasonably match any hookah design, there are many colours available, including black, white, purple, red, blue, green or brown. These hoses are made of synthetic leather.

Pharaoh’s also produces the Mega Cobra hose, which has its own page here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this or any other product.