Tonic Hoses


Product Description

Washable hookah hoses are in high demand, and Tonic has answered the call. City Cigar now carries two different styles of washable Tonic hose: the ‘glowing’ Tonic 2.0, and the more traditional Tonic Long Handle.

The Tonic 2.0 measures 72″ in length, has an ergonomic handle, and even emanates a ‘glow’ under a black light. Nine different colour options are available, including pink, red, green, blue, purple and black.

The Tonic Long Handle measures 72″ in length, and is available in four colours: black, blue, red, or green. As with the 2.0, it is 100% washable, as it is free of interior metals. There is also no fabric or wiring inside to collect dirt.

For more information about Tonic washable hoses, or questions about current availability, please feel free to contact us.