Partagas Cuban Cigars


Product Description

Opened in 1845, the Flor de Tabacos de Partagas is the oldest cigar factory in Cuba that is still in operation. It is currently standing at No. 520 Industria Street, just behind the Capitol building in the heart of the city.

Partagas has always offered the largest selection of shapes and sizes under one brand. At the time of the revolution there were a whopping 265 different models of cigars. As late as 2002 there were still over 40 sizes available, and now there are just over half that amount in production. Partagas is known for producing vitolas with a distinctively spicy and full flavour.

The character of the Partagas blend springs from a selection of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region chosen for their unmistakable richness of flavour and aroma.

Partagas come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Some of the best known include the Series D No. 4, the Series P No. 2 and the 8-9-8, a cigar that is named after the way it’s arranged in its box.

Most sizes are “totalmente a mano, tripa larga” – totally hand-made with long filler. A few others, including the Mille Fleurs and Aristocrat, are “mecanizado”, or made by machines.

Spotlight: The Partagas Series P No. 2

Partagas-P2-on-tableAlthough not among the top three best-selling Cuban cigar brands worldwide (that distinction belongs to Cohiba, Montecristo, and Romeo Y Julieta), Partagas has long been enormously popular with cigar connoisseurs. Not only does Partagas consistently release top-grade Limited Editions, but their ‘classic series’ cigars are very highly regarded as well.

Of their regular line, the two top-sellers are the Series D No. 4 and the Series P No. 2. These are, respectively, the ‘Robusto’ and the ‘Torpedo’ sizes in the brand. And, although medium-sized Robustos tend to sell better than larger sizes overall, the P No. 2 has gained such popularity that annual worldwide sales of it may very well have matched the D No. 4 at this point.

The P No. 2’s reputation was boosted further when it cracked the top 5 of Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars of 2011. In their summary of the cigar, CA scored it a 94 rating, and noted that it was ‘powerful and complex, loaded with bold Cuban flavors’. The magazine also compared it – favorably – to the most well-known of Cuban torpedos, the Montecristo #2.

If you already have a few Cuban cigar smoking sessions already under your belt, you may well be ready for this full-bodied smoke. Come on down and give it a try!

Flavour Ranking: Medium – Full


898 Gauge: 43 Length: 6¾”
Aristocrats Gauge: 40 Length: 5″
Chicos Gauge: 29 Length: 4″
Corona Gorda Anejados Gauge: 46 Length: 5.6″
Corona Junior Tubos Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
Corona Senior Tubos Gauge: 44 Length: 5¼”
Lusitanias Gauge: 49 Length: 7⅝”
Maduro No. 1 Gauge: 52 Length: 5″
Mille Fleurs Gauge: 42 Length: 5″
Petit Coronas Especiales Gauge: 44 Length: 5¼”
Presidentes Gauge: 47 Length: 6¼”
Serie Puritos Gauge: 29 Length: 4″
Series D No. 4 Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Series D No. 4 Tubos Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Series D No. 5 Gauge: 50 Length: 4″
Series D No. 6 Gauge: 50 Length: 3½”
Series E No. 2 Gauge: 54 Length: 5½”
Series No. 1 Limited Edition 2017 Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
Series P No. 2 Gauge: 52 Length: 6⅛”
Series P No. 2 Tubos Gauge: 52 Length: 6⅛”
Shorts Gauge: 42 Length: 4″
Super Partagas Gauge: 40 Length: 5½”