Bolivar Cuban Cigars


Product Description

Well-constructed, Rich, Full-Bodied with lots of aroma. Some would say strong. Not a Cuban Cigar for beginners, as even the smaller ones pack a punch.

Simon Bolivar was one of the great historic figures of the 19th Century who liberated much of South America from Spanish rule. The Bolivar brand was created in 1902 and is based today at the Partagas factory in the heart of Havana.

It is perhaps not surprising that a ‘Habano’ named after such a powerful figure is blended to match his might. Bolivar is among the strongest, most full bodied of all Habanos. It boasts an unrivaled richness of flavour in its blend of Vuelta Abajo region tobaccos that makes it one of the most sought-after marques amongst experienced smokers.

All sizes are “totalmente a mano, tripa larga” – totally hand made, long filler.

Spotlight: The Bolivar Royal Corona


When it comes to declaring the truly great Cuban cigar brands, experienced smokers will often include the Bolivar at or near the top of their list. The brand is known for creating some of the strongest blends out of Cuba, but smoothness and complexity are never sacrificed. And consistency of both flavour and construction – sometimes an issue with other Cuban brands – is a benchmark of Bolivar cigars.

In 2006, all of these strong qualities were further validated when Cigar Aficionado chose the Bolivar Royal Corona as it’s number one cigar of the year. In their description, which also praised Bolivar’s Belicoso Fino, they commended the RC for delivering ‘a sophisticated flavor bomb of a smoke with an array of rich character, including touches of chocolate, coffee and leather’.

Along with such landmark cigars as the Montecristo #2 and the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill, the Bolivar Royal Corona has cemented a reputation as a true Cuban classic. And, as a medium-sized vitola (a robusto size, at 4⅞” x 50), it is suitable for a more novice smoker as well as a veteran. So make sure to ask for one next time you’re in the store!


Belicosos Finos Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
Coronas Junior Gauge: 42 Length: 4⅓”
Petit Coronas Gauge: 42 Length: 5″
Royal Coronas Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Royal Coronas Tubos Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Tubos No.1 Gauge: 42 Length: 5.6″
Tubos No.2 Gauge: 42 Length: 5″
Tubos No.3 Gauge: 34 Length: 4.9″