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**PLEASE NOTE: Yuma cigarettes are currently unavailable (Updated November 2016)**

Whether you’re looking for an Indonesian ‘clove’, a Canadian additive-free, or a certified organic cigarette, you will find them with us. There are multiple options for each, including stronger and milder versions of the Canadian Northfield and CNT. Both the ‘Black’ and ‘Special’ versions of the Djarum clove cigarettes are also in stock.

Please note that at this time we do not carry standard Canadian cigarettes, such as Du Maurier, Player’s, etc. We also don’t carry any American brands of cigarettes (Marlboro, Lucky Strikes, American Spirit, etc).

If you prefer a 5 – 15 minute smoke in a Cuban or non-Cuban cigarillo instead, please check out our Cigarillos section.

And, as always feel free to contact us if you’re interested in a product you don’t see here!

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