Hookahs at City Cigar


Commonly thought of as the most social of smoking activities, the hookah (aka, narghile or Qalyān) is typically associated with Middle Eastern countries, but has recently exploded in popularity in North America and around the world. The hookah’s social reputation stems from the wide appeal of the light flavoured tobacco involved, as well as the availability of multi-stem hookahs that allow for multiple smokers at the same time.

Unlike with pipes and cigars, the hookah is almost exclusively smoked with flavoured tobacco – or tobacco-free herbal options – called shisha. Shisha (aka, Mu‘assel) is typically made with molasses or honey and fruit pulp, and filtered through water placed in the hookah vase to provide a cool, light smoke. Fruit flavours tend to be the most popular options for hookah smokers, with top sellers including Double Apple, White Grape, Watermelon and Blueberry.

In order to satisfy increasing demand, City Cigar now carries a large selection of hookahs, which you can browse by clicking on the category links below. However, specific hookah designs/sizes are always subject to current availability. If you find any item in our hookah & shisha section that interests you and you would like to know about our current stock, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help with any questions!