Hookah Coals


The final step in prepping a hookah is firing up a quality coal to get the smoke flowing. But what are your options, and is one safer or cleaner than the other?

Hookah coals boil down to one of two options: quick-light briquettes, or square coals made from coconut shells. As the name suggests, quick-light coals are easily lit in seconds, even with a small flame. Coconut-based coals require an electric stove top or single coil electric burner, and need 5-15 minutes of heating time before fully ignited.

What about cleanliness of the burn? Coconut coals are made from coconut shells and 100% natural, so they are the most eco-friendly as well as odorless and tasteless. Quick-light coals, on the other hand, will use chemical accelerant to allow the quick light to occur. However, quick-light coals do vary in quality; the Three Kings brand is among the best, using top-quality European hardwood to create clean-burning and odorless briquettes.

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