Smoke on the Water 2009

Smoke on the Water 2009  Smoke on the Water 2009

Thank you to our clients who made the Smoke on the Water 2009 a successful event!
The Fireworks, the thunder and lighting, the food, the fun with the combination of
amazing people made for an epic evening.
Cheers to every year to follow!

SmokeWater2009Group1          SmokeWater2009Group2

Despite the 4+ hour downpour that lasted exactly the duration of the cruise, a good time was had by all. Mother nature first provided us with a beautiful lightning show, followed soon after by the spectacular ‘Celebration of Light’.

The 7th annual Smoke on the Water was also the perfect time to introduce MonteCristos’ new ‘Open’ series, and the four sizes that were part of the evening’s package were a big hit!