Defeat Plain Packaging

What plain packaging looks like

The term ‘plain-packaging’ means that traditional cigars & pipe tobacco packaging – including boxes, bands, tins and pouches – will be removed and replaced with packaging similar to the above. This is under the guise of protecting youth from smoking, but we’re pushing for an exemption on cigars and pipe tobacco since these products are simply unappealing to youth. If plain packaging passes as-is, it will raise prices (yet again), create confusion over counterfeit products, and be yet another step towards over-regulation of cigars and pipe tobacco in Canada. It’s time to make our voices heard loud and clear!

There are 2 Crucial Things You Can do to Help Defeat Plain Packaging of Cigars & Pipe Tobacco:

1) Contact Health Minister Jane Philpott at her email address:

2) Contact your local Member of Parliament! Contact list is here:

Want to read the Health Canada proposal for yourself? See below:

Here’s a sample email that gets the main points across:

I’m writing to express disapproval of the ‘plain packaging’ law, without exemption for cigars and pipe tobacco. The UK government found that a very small percentage of youth have any interest in these products and exempted them. This is the sensible decision. If passed without exemption, this will only send thousands of Canadians across the border to make their cigar & pipe tobacco purchases, or towards a local black market. Canada is not Australia. They don’t border any other countries, so don’t have a large tobacco-friendly country right next door. Canadians do have such easily accessible options, which will only serve to kill small business in this country – and without causing the masses of people to quit smoking these products as the government envisions.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Thank you for taking the time – let’s bring sanity back to tobacco regulation in Canada!