Torano Cigars


Product Description

At one time a company that only made private label cigars for other brands, the Toraños have made an impressive name for themselves since establishing their own brand in the mid-1990’s. Chief among their accomplishments are the Exodus series, with its multiple placements on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list, and the Vault series, which includes a top-seller for the brand in the A-008 blend.

City Cigar’s stock of Toraño cigars currently includes a limited selection from the Exodus 1959, Master, and Vault A-008 series. Cigars in the Exodus 1959 series are typically box-pressed and medium-bodied. The blend of tobaccos in this line practically defines ‘complexity’, offering flavours ranging from cocoa to cream to hints of black cherry.

Cigars in the Vault A-008 series, according to Toraño’s website, “open instantly to reveal a rich and flavorful base of spice and earth which is quickly rounded and complemented by notes of ripe fruit and anise”.

Available sizes for all cigars in both series’ are listed below.

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Exodus 1959 50 Years Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
Exodus 1959 Robusto Gauge: 52 Length: 5″
Exodus 1959 Toro Gauge: 50 Length: 6″
Master Maduro BFC Gauge: 60 Length: 6″
Vault A-008 Toro Gauge: 50 Length: 6″