Drew Estate – MUWAT Cigars


Product Description

The Drew Estate brand has built a reputation for adventurousness and creativity, and these qualities are at their peak in the MUWAT series. The name, for example, is an acronym for ‘My Uzi Weighs a Ton’, a phrase uttered by founder Jonathan Drew after attempting to carry a box of his generously-sized cigars. But MUWAT is not just Drew Estates’ brainchild, as the cigars are built in partnership with Joya de Nicaragua, another brand known for strong and imposing vitolas.

Perhaps the most unique in the MUWAT series is the Kentucky Fire Cured line, which features American tobaccos fire-cured over burning hickory, maple and oak woods. This gives the tobacco flavours of, according to Drew Estate, ‘an Islay scotch or fiery bourbon’. While not for everybody, such a profile will surely appeal to the smoker with a palate as adventurous as Drew Estates’ mandate.

Kentucky Fire Cured ‘Fat Molly’ Gauge: 56 Length: 5″