Vauen Pipes


Product Description

The Vauen company, a German brand that has been operating since 1848, has become a fast favorite of pipe smokers at City Cigar. The main reason for this is that the selection that Vauen offers is second to none; among the 250 different pipes they make are some of the most unique designs on the market.

For example, pictured below is the Wood Model W742, which features a briar wood insert surrounded by maple wood and palisander. This is a good example of how Vauen likes to play around with design aspects to create pipes of distinct character.


Another example of Vauen’s unique and eclectic range of pipes is with their ‘Auenland’ series. Released amidst the slate of LOTR and Hobbit movies, the Auenland pipes are inspired by the Churchwarden pipe smoked by Gandalf. The feeling of Tolkien-esque authenticity is increased by the appearance of a wooden stem (most pipe stems are made of acrylic).


However, the Vauen brand doesn’t exclude more traditional pipe smokers in their selection. Both their ‘Basic’ and ‘Classic’ series features a wide range of pipes in traditional shapes and finishes. An example of this is the ‘Basic 1500-01’, pictured below.


And this barely scratches the surface in terms of selection. To see more of what the Vauen brand has to offer, you can check out their website, or come on in to our store to see what we currently carry. Just need more information? Contact us here!

Vauen Basic (aka, Vauen Standard)
Vauen Churchwarden – Auenland series
Vauen Churchwarden – Meerschaum Lined
Vauen Churchwarden – Standard Briar
Vauen Classic Rustic
Vauen Classic Smooth
Vauen Deluxe
Vauen Laiton
Vauen Maple
Vauen Natura
Vauen Speed
Vauen Striped
Vauen Wood