Stanwell Pipes


Product Description

In the year 1942 a pipe production from Danish beech was set up under modest conditions in a small town on Zealand in Denmark. At that time it was impossible to import briar pipes from the traditional suppliers in England and France. This was the start of the Stanwell business.

When times had returned to normal the production continued but on the basis of briar root.

Over the years, Stanwell pipes have acquired a unique reputation of excellence for their designs and smoking qualities. Many of Stanwell’s shapes are now classics which are treasured worldwide by smokers and collectors. However, they have also cornered the market on modern pipe designs with their sleek, jet black, rubber-coated Mojo series (pictured below).


Based on creative designs by leading Danish Master Pipe Makers, combined with the careful selection of the finest Mediterranean briar, Stanwell has achieved a combination of style and quality which gives each pipe its own character.
Stanwell Featherweight, smooth