Savinelli Pipes


Product Description

In the business of creating quality pipes since 1876, the Savinelli company has become famous for their Free Form series of pipes. In Savinelli’s own words, these pipes ‘are created according to the characteristics of the raw material: the briar, and as a consequence their shapes are affected by the necessity and the creativeness. Practically they are all unique.’ An example of this is in their Autograph series, as in the Liscia line seen below left.

Savinelli-Panama-pipe Savinelli-Autograph-Liscia-pipes

Pictured to the right is the Savinelli Panama series pipe, with a smooth finish.

Please note that not every model of these fine Italian pipes is available to us at all times, so it is best to contact us if you are looking for a Savinelli pipe of a specific line, shape or finish.

Savinelli Autograph
Savinelli Broomhilda Churchwarden
Savinelli Chocolat
Savinelli Churchwarden, smooth (901)
Savinelli Fuoco
Savinelli Minuto
Savinelli Roma