Peterson Pipes


Product Description

Peterson, the famed Irish pipe company, was in fact started in the 19th century by German immigrants Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp and Latvian immigrant Charles Peterson, who appeared in the Kapp workshop one day declaring that he had a winning recipe for pipe-making. Today, almost 150 years later, Peterson manufactures around 100,000 pipes a year, with great popularity in both Europe and North America.


What makes the Peterson brand unique is their ‘Dry System’ pipes, which feature a small reservoir designed to collect moisture before it reaches the smoker. The intention with this system is to discourage the production of wet clumps of unburned tobacco at the bottom of the pipe (dottle), and to create a drier and cooler smoke overall.

Peterson Barrel
Peterson Belgique
Peterson Cara
Peterson Christmas Pipe 2016
Peterson Christmas Pipe 2018
Peterson Churchwarden Spigot
Peterson Dracula
Peterson Dublin Filter
Peterson Fermoy
Peterson Kerry
Peterson Killarney
Peterson Kinsale
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