Neerup Pipes


Product Description

The Neerup pipe brand has something of an international pedigree. Made in Denmark, the briar wood is imported mainly from Greece, and occasionally from Morocco. As expected, this helps to create a rather diverse and interesting set of fine pipes.

The pipe maker, Peder Jeppesen, has been making pipes in Denmark for over 25 years. He demands balance in the manufacture of his pipes, which involves close attention to the proportions between the bowl, shank and mouthpiece. Each pipe includes a finishing touch: a decoration on the shank, the stem or at the top of the bowl to add uniqueness.

At City Cigar, our Neerup stock currently includes handsome options in the Classic Gr.2 Sandblasted and Gr.3 Smooth series. These are unfiltered briar pipes that are stained in a distinct orange/brown colour. Since few pipe aficionados have anything quite like this in their collection, these pipes are definitely worth a look.

For more on details and availability of Neerup pipes at City Cigar, please feel free to contact us.