L’Anatra Pipes


Product Description

These days, some of the greatest and most innovative pipes are born from the town of Pesaro in North Italy. Pesaro is the home base for three of the giants in the modern pipe industry: Ser Jacopo, Mastro de Paja, and L’Anatra.

All of these brands have a few things in common. First, they all use some of the finest plateau briar that the Mediterranean has to offer. And plateau briar is extremely desirable for a pipe smoker; this aged wood not only produces a stronger and more durable pipe, but also one with an exquisite vertical grain pattern.

Second, all three of these brands could be described as working within a ‘neoclassical’ style of pipe manufacture. They combine quality and elegance with an innovative artistry that creates some of the most jaw-dropping pipe designs in the industry. And all are 100% hand-made, which means no two will ever be exactly alike.

The L’Anatra brand adds another playful touch, a stylistic coup de grâce. As L’Anatra is Italian for ‘The Duck’, each pipe is fitted with a cast silver duck head on the stem. This ornament serves as a constant reminder that you’re smoking from one of the best brands on the market.

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