Capri Pipes


Product Description

Capri pipes are currently available at City Cigar in both a ‘standard’ and ‘Churchwarden’ style. The ‘standard’ selection includes some of our lowest-cost options for briar pipes, making them an excellent entry-level choice. The ‘Churchwarden’ style – while still unorthodox – is more popular than ever, due to their use in the Lord of the Rings series of movies. But a ‘Churchwarden’ also offers further value, as the long stem allows a cooler smoke while also removing the smokers face from all the smoke and heat emanating from the bowl.

While the ‘Churchwarden’ pipes are available in 3 different shapes and finishes, the standard selection is even broader, with a wide variety of colours, shapes and finishes. Please see below for more information about both these series of Capri pipes available now.

Capri ‘Standard’ Pipes

Whether your pipe of choice has a straight or bent stem, a smooth or rusticated finish, and a light or dark colour tone, you will likely find it in a Capri pipe. With a traditional appearance and serviceable briar, a Capri offers a great ‘entree in’ to briar pipe smoking.

Capri ‘Warlock’ Pipes

Warlock Churchwardens feature a glossy black rusticated finish, and are available in three different bowl shapes. The Warlock is the most affordable pipe in the series.

Capri ‘Headmaster’ Pipes

The Headmaster features a naturally light & smooth finish, and is available in three different bowl shapes.

Capri ‘Wizard’ Pipes

The Wizard features a naturally golden brown & smooth finish, and is available in three different bowl shapes.