Butz Choquin Pipes


Product Description

The French Butz Choquin brand features an impressive variety of styles, from the modern L’deseries (the matte black is pictured below) to the more traditional Hera or Montmartre. Great brand choice for smokers looking for a unique style.

Since its creation in 1858, Butz Choquin has always offered to smokers the highest quality craftsmanship as regards briar pipes. Because nothing will be able to replace the know-how of the Master-Pipe craftsmen, Butz Choquin chooses to maintain a ‘craft work manufacture’.

Between the moment when the briar block arrives from the Mediterranean to the point when the BC pipe arrives in a retail store, many months and some 80 operations are necessary to transform the briar into a pipe of quality. From natural drying, sometimes over more than 12 months, to outlining, drilling, polishing, and finishing – each operation is carried out by a Pipe craftsman following a tradition that Butz Choquin developed almost 140 years ago.

Please see below for a full list of our current stock of Butz Choquin pipes.

Butz Choquin Hera
Butz Choquin L’de
Butz Choquin Metro
Butz Choquin Montmartre
Butz Choquin Nice
Butz Choquin Simoun