Brigham Pipes


Product Description

The Canadian ‘Brigham’ company makes great starter pipes with their 1, 2, and 3-dot lines. These filtered pipes are great choices for under $100!

For the first time in their history, Brigham has made each pipe series different not only by the quality of Briar used but by a unique finish for each. Another new change is the addition of official series names which honour the rich history of Canada and some of the events, times and characters who helped shaped the modern nation.

All series feature the Brigham System as well as their secret bowl pre-coat which adds a layer of protection to the bowl during the initial break-in period. Whichever series you choose, you can be certain it is superior to others in it price range for performance, durability and quality.

Brigham Pipe Shapes

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We currently stock all shapes of the Brigham 1, 2 & 3 dot pipes (see above). Or, if you are looking for an alternate Brigham line in a particular shape, please let us know and we would be happy to bring it in for you!

The Brigham Pipe System

Brigham Pipe System
The Brigham system was developed in response to a common complaint of pipe smokers – tongue bite. Eliminating this burning sensation created by the tars and acids of the burning tobacco (especially in wet and aromatic blends) became a consuming passion of ours. We found the perfect taste-neutral and effective material in natural, untreated Rock Maple.

Each filter is made by hollowing out the inside diameter of a 3.5″ Rock Maple dowel and pressure-fitting a special metal cap to its end which helps the filter fit snugly inside the pipe while making removal simple. The manufacturing process of the filter uses no chemicals or adhesives to guarantee a taste-neutral system.

By design, the Brigham system extends into the stem, providing an extra inch of wood through which the smoke passes. Consider that in most other pipes, smoke spends half of its time passing along a plastic or rubber channel which can add negative flavour to the smoke while providing no benefit of its own.

This combination of reduced exposure to plastic and rubber, drastic reduction in tongue bite, elimination of gurgle and flow-back as well as the ease of use has made Brigham Canada’s pipe of choice for generations.

Brigham 1 Dot Pipe (Voyageur)
Brigham 2 Dot Pipe (Algonquin)
Brigham 3 Dot Pipe (Mountaineer)
Brigham Acadian
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Brigham Chinook
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