Pipe Stands


Product Description

As great as a fine briar pipe feels in the hand, sometimes you just need to let it rest. A sturdy pipe stand does the job nicely, and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to design options.

For example, there are a range of wood options, from a single-pipe ‘ladel-style’ stand to a rotating pipe rack that holds several at a time. A similar material is found in the Bamboostand, a 3-pipe piece made exclusively by the Vauen pipe manufacturers. The bamboo stand is truly distinguished in its use of powerful magnetic balls that hold the pipes in place, rather than just the shape of the stand itself.

A more modern option would include the leather ‘cushion’ pipe stand, which can hold from 1-3 pipes. With this type, the pipe is held in place as it’s nestled into the cushion material. Or, you can go simple and portable with a ‘folding chair’ stand, available in both plastic and stainless steel. This option is very affordable, as both plastic and steel options sell for under $10 apiece.

If your valued pipes are still in need of a resting place, make sure to check out City Cigar’s extensive selection of pipe stands today!

Standard Wood Pipe Stands

six-pipe-wood-pipe-stand   single-pipe-wood-pipe-stand

A wood pipe stand is ideal for the smoker who prefers a more traditional look in a pipe accessory. A wide range of options are available, including various styles and sizes that will hold a single pipe or several at once.

Folding Chair Pipe Stands

Plastic-folding-chair-pipe-stand-with-pipe   Steel-folding-chair-pipe-stand

Folding chair pipe stands are available in a plastic or stainless steel finish. Both sell for under $10 apiece, and are portable enough to carry in a shirt pocket.

Cushion Pipe Stands


Cushion pipe stands are designed to fit snugly around any standard sized pipe bowl. These lightweight stands can hold from one to three pipes at a time.

Vauen Bamboo Pipe Stand



The Bamboo pipe stand is made exclusively by the Vauen pipe company. This stand offers a unique mix of tradition in the wood finish with a modern magnet system that holds the pipes in place and offers the illusion that they’re suspended in air. Will hold up to three pipes at a time.