Pipe Pouches


Product Description

If you’re inclined to inclined to travel with your pipe & tobacco – or simply smoke outside of your home – you will likely find great use with a pipe pouch. And pipe pouches can be very simple or quite intricate, so it’s not difficult to find a model to meet your specific needs.

Pipe pouches can range from models designed for tobacco only, to those that carry tobacco and up to four pipes at a time. Most models feature a tobacco section, which is typically lined with surgical rubber to prevent the tobacco from sticking to the interior. A separate section, for the pipes themselves, can be accessed through different zippers, and slots are created for the pipes so they are locked firmly into place. A pipe/tobacco combination pouch can hold as little as one and as many as four pipes, and many pouches are also equipped with a slot for a tamper or other pipe tool.

Pipe pouch brands currently available at City Cigar include brand-name models fromPeterson, and Dunhill, as well as a variety of generic pouches. There is a wide variety in terms of size, price range, and functionality, some details of which you’ll find below. But if you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information before you stop by.

Generic Pipe Pouches

Brigham-generic-pipe-tobacco-pouch-open   Brigham-generic-3pipe-pouch-open

If you’re looking for a reliable pipe pouch for under $40, a generic type may be the way to go. At City Cigar, the options range from pouches that carry tobacco and as little as one to as many as four pipes. Or you can simplify even more, and get a pouch that carries just tobacco – and fits snugly in a coat pocket.

There are various features available in generic pouches, depending on which model you get. Models may be made of genuine leather, be fitted with a carrying strap, have a built in tamper sleeve, and/or feature a detachable tobacco pouch. Whatever style you’re looking for, you can find it here without breaking the bank.

Peterson Pipe Pouches

Peterson-1-pipe-pouch-POU143   Peterson-3-pipe-pouch-POU141

The popular Peterson brand makes pipe pouches that carry tobacco and from one to four pipes at a time. At City Cigar, we carry the Avoca Collection pouches, made of genuine leather and featuring a stylish green and blue colour scheme. Depending on the model, Peterson Avoca pouches can also include a tamper sleeve and a detachable tobacco pouch.

Dunhill Pipe Pouches

Dunhill-Whitespot-Black-pipe-pouch-PA2007   Dunhill-Terracotta-pipe-pouch-PA2021

If a pipe pouch made with the finest craftsmanship is what you’re after, Dunhill is the way to go. At City Cigar, we carry the Terracotta and Black Whitespot series of pouches, which range from tobacco-only to pouches that carry up to 5 pipes at a time. Depending on the model, some features may include a lighter pocket, detachable tobacco pouch, and loops for tools and pipe cleaners.