Pipe Filters


Product Description

One of the first criteria a smoker must determine when buying their first pipe is whether they prefer a filtered or unfiltered type. If a filtered pipe is chosen, it then must be understood which of the various type of filtration systems that particular pipe uses.

For example, the Brigham brand of pipe requires a type of filter exclusive to the brand. Their ‘rock maple’ filter is not only made of maple wood, but is of a more unique size and shape than standard filters. Another pipe brand that employs a unique style of filter is Savinelli, which produces a triangular model that is made of balsa wood. In both cases, the filters work to remove impurities and moisture from the smokestream, while also imparting a distinct woody flavour to the smoke.

A more standard type of filter, for use with many European-brand pipes, is the 9mm charcoal type. Many brands produce these filters (like Peterson, Vauen, Lorenzetti, etc), but they can be used interchangeably. Medico filters are ideal for corncob or Medico brand pipes, and are typically the lowest-priced option as well.

But what if you’ve inherited or been gifted a pipe, and are not sure if it takes a filter – or what type? You are welcome to bring the pipe into our store, and we can give you hand. Or, you can simply contact us by phone or email with any pipe-related questions you may have!

9mm Charcoal Filters


9mm charcoal filters are commonly used in many European pipe brands, including Peterson, Vauen andLorenzetti. These filters help reduce tar and nicotine intake for the smoker, while also collecting some of the moisture for a drier smoke. Brands of 9mm charcoal filter available at City Cigar include Peterson, Lorenzetti,Vauen, Adsorba and Big Ben. Package sizes range from 10 to 40 filters per pack.

Brigham Rock Maple Pipe Filters


Brigham rock maple filters are made exclusively for use with Brigham brand pipes. The maple wood is designed to simultaneously filter out impurities while also absorbing excess moisture from the smokestream for a drier smoke. The wood also helps create a more flavourful smoke than if it were passing through the plastic or rubber channel inside the stem. Each pack contains 8 Brigham filters.

Savinelli Balsa System Pipe Filters


The triangular Savinelli balsa filters are made to fit any Savinelli pipe engineered to accept a 6mm filter. The balsa wood works nicely to absorb excess moisture from the smokestream, providing a cooler and drier smoke. Each pack contains 20 filters.

Medico Pipe Filters

Medico-pipe-filter-packs (1)

Medico pipe filters are good for use in Missouri Meerschaum corncob and Medico brand pipes. These 6mm filters help to reduce tar and nicotine intake, and minimize moisture for a cooler and drier smoke. Each package contains 10 filters.