Pipe Cleaners


Product Description

Although most of us learn about pipe cleaners making arts & crafts as kids, a cleaner is also an essential tool for any pipe smoker. The pipe stem, shank, and draught hole will collect residue and moisture during every smoke, but a proper pipe cleaner will do a nice job of absorbing these elements so a clean smoke can be had every time.

There is a bit of a variety in pipe cleaners, including in size, shape, and material. Standard pipe cleaners are made of cotton and about six inches long. But long-stem Churchwardenpipes require more length, so these cleaners are typically a good six inches longer than standard. Bristle pipe cleaners are similar to standard cleaners, but will include either nylon or polypropylene that aid in a more intense scrubbing experience. Tapered cleaners can be useful for hard-to-reach places, so are typically recommended for pipes with curvier stems.

All pipe cleaners listed below are currently available at City Cigar. And if you’re not sure which pipe cleaner is best for your pipe, our experienced staff are always happy to guide you in the right direction!

Brigham Pipe Cleaners, Regular


Brigham regular pipe cleaners are 6.5″ in length, made of unbleached cotton, and are available in packages of 75. Perfect for daily pipe stem maintenance.

Brigham Pipe Cleaners, Bristle


Brigham regular pipe cleaners are 6.5″ in length, made of unbleached cotton, and available in packages of 75. The stiffer wire of the bristle cleaners allows for firmer scrubbing action for neglected pipe stems that need a more intense cleaning.

Brigham Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners


Brigham Churchwarden pipe cleaners are 12″ in length, made of unbleached cotton, and available in bundles of 24. Ideal for any churchwarden stem.

Dunhill Tapered Pipe Cleaners


Dunhill tapered pipe cleaners are made of highly absorbent cotton chenille, and available in packs of 100. They are tapered to fit neatly through the mouthpiece and for ease of use in pipes with bent stems.