Mr. B’s ‘D Series’ Pipe Tobacco

Product Description

These blends, produced by the Brigham company, are designed to taste just like old Dunhill favorites like Royal Yacht, Early Morning, Nightcap, and more. Revisit classic Dunhill flavours and aromas – try Mr. B’s D Series today!

Mr. B’s ‘D Series’ Pipe Tobacco at City Cigar

Klondike Gold Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill’s Light Flake)

Golden, light and medium brown Virginia tobacco presented in the classic pressed and Klondike-Gold-pipe-tobacco-200x200sliced flake format. This fragrant Virginia provides a light, naturally sweet pure tobacco flavour and aroma.

Mild – Natural



Tudor Mixture Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill’s Elizabethan Mixture)

MrBTudorMixtureThis is a shag cut blend of light and medium brown Virginias with a high percentage of fruity black Perique. A mild, but naturally sweet pure tobacco flavour. A great choice for fans of Virginia and those looking for an alternative to Latakia blends.

Medium – Natural



Hudson’s Bay Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill’s Royal Yacht)

Hudsons-Bay-pipe-tobacco-200x200Matured Virginia presented in an English style thick cut, broken flake. Medium and dark brown matured Virginia is complimented with the addition of stoved black Virginia to create a really rich, deep natural tobacco flavour and aroma.

Strong – Natural



Maritime Morning Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill’s Early Morning)

Maritime-Morning-pipe-tobacco-200x200Finest Oriental tobaccos are balanced with mild Bright and Red Virginias to produce a light but satisfying smoke. Perfect for the first pipe of the day and mild enough for all day smoking.

Mild – Savoury



Aurora Borealis Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill’s Night Cap)

Aurora-Borealis-pipe-tobacco-200x200A very dark, almost black, English style mixture. A hearty helping of rich, spicy Latakia is combined with matured Virginia and shag cut black stoved Virginia. A true Latakia lovers delight, which is suprisingly cool burning.

Medium/Strong – Savoury



The Mixture Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill 965 Pipe Tobacco)

MrBTheMixtureThe classic English mixture for the connoisseur looking for a rich, full-bodied blend. Choice small leaf Latakia enhanced with rare Macedonia Bright and a unique natural Brown Cavendish.

Strong – Savoury