Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco

Product Description

Since the beginning the Mac Baren Tobacco Company has been a family owned tobacco company. Today, it is the largest such company in Denmark, employing about 130 highly qualified specialists. Their success arises from a flair for outstanding craftsmanship and a feeling for tobacco.

Along with their classic blends, Mac Baren has now added the 7 Seas line to their repertoire. These silky-smooth aromatics are named in tribute to explorers like Columbus, Magellan, and Vasco da Gama. Do these blends really offer the cool, refreshing feeling of being out at sea? Try them out and decide for yourself!

Please see our current selection of Mac Baren pipe tobacco blends below. Note that all tins and pouches come in 50 gram quantities unless otherwise noted.

Mac Baren Mixture Mac Baren Mixture is made from more than 35 different tobacco leaves from different parts of the world. Each has its own special qualities and only by blending them in the right proportions does Mixture achieve its unique taste.
Mac Baren Plumcake A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, and dark, spicy Cavendish. To give “Plumcake” an elegant aroma the blend has been flavoured with aged Jamaica Rum.
Mac Baren Symphony (100g) A ready-rubbed Burley with hints of Virginia & Cavendish; natural sweetness with pleasant chocolate notes.
Mac Baren Vanilla Cream This is a colorful blend mixed with cut plugs. Made from specially selected and aged Virginia and mild black Cavendish tobaccos, then blended with an exceptional Vanilla flavour.
Mac Baren Virgina No.1 A ready rubbed tobacco of exceptional and matured Virginia tobaccos, which bring about its mild and characteristic sweet taste.