Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

Product Description

The first Dunhill tobacco shop was opened by Alfred Dunhill himself, on Duke Street in London, in 1907. Dunhill’s initial innovation was ‘My Mixture’ blends, which allowed each customer to choose their own blend of pipe tobacco specifically suited to their tastes.

By 1912, however, Dunhill recognized that – due to the inability to perform blending techniques like stoving, toasting and pressing in-store – the ‘My Mixture’ blends were not often of the highest quality. It was at that time that he created his own blends, like the ‘Cuba’, the ‘Darbur’ and the ‘Royal Yacht’, some of which are still enjoyed by pipe enthusiasts a century later.

Please see below for Dunhill pipe tobacco blends currently available at City Cigar.

Deluxe Navy Rolls Brazilian and African Virginia tobaccos mixed with Louisiana Perique. Medium strength.
Durbar Mixture Dark and yellow Virginia combined with Latakia and Oriental. Medium strength.
Early Morning Pipe Bright and red Virginias with Oriental and Cyprian Latakia. Mild to medium strength.
Elizabethan Mixture Darkened Virginia tobaccos with a pinch of Perique. Medium strength.
Dunhill Flake Red and orange Virginia tobaccos combined for a pure Virginia flake. Medium strength.
London Mixture Matured Virginian and Oriental tobaccos. Medium strength.
My Mixture 965 Virginia, Macedonian Oriental, brown Cavendish and Latakia mixture. Medium strength.
Nightcap Virginia, Oriental, Latakia and some peppery Perique. Full strength.
Royal Yacht A mixture of both bright and dark Virginias for a full-bodied blend.
Standard Mixture Virginia, Oriental and Latakia for a medium-bodied English blend.
Standard Mixture Mellow Matured Virginia, Orientals and a light dose of Latakia. Mild to medium strength.
The Aperitif Virginia, Orientals, Latakia and black Cavendish. Mild to medium strength.