Davidoff Pipe Tobacco

Product Description

For those who prefer a milder, smoother smoke from a highly reputable company, the Davidoff brand is a great choice. With the exception of their English-blend Royalty and English Mixtures, all of the Davidoff blends at City Cigar are mild aromatics, featuring healthy portions of Burley and Black Cavendish.

If you are familiar with the impeccable craftsmanship of their cigars, then you know that Davidoff is a brand to trust. An ideal choice for beginners who want softer blends without sacrificing quality.

Davidoff Blue (Cool) Mixture This blend of broad-cut Black Cavendish, toasted Burley and Virginia Cut Plug offers a refreshing cool, enjoyable exhilarating smoke. It develops a slightly sweet aroma that lingers pleasantly in the air.
Davidoff Green (Light) Mixture This premium blend of cured Virginia, full-flavoured Burley and Black Cavendish offers you a smooth, lasting smoke.
Davidoff Red (Mild) Mixture This mixture owes its distinctive aroma to a luxurious blend of Black Cavendish tobaccos and the interesting contrast of Virginian Ribbon Cut. This is an exceptional mild blend, which burns smoothly.
Davidoff Danish Mixture This mild, classic Danish blend is made from top Virginia and Burley tobaccos and enriched with toasted Black Cavendish.
Davidoff English Mixture Medium aromatic blend of Virginia, Burley, Latakia, and a slight hint of spicy Perique.
Davidoff Royalty Mixture A classic English blend with a beautifully refined flavor. Mature Virginia and oriental tobaccos spiced with a pinch of Latakia.