Bells Three Nuns Pipe Tobacco

Product Description

Bell’s Three Nuns, with its 120+ year history, could now be considered one of the classic pipe tobacco blends. What likely contributes to this status is its lack of availability on this continent for nearly two decades (starting in 1995). It made a comeback in 2013, though not without some evolution of the blend itself.

The most obvious change is the replacement of Perique tobacco with dark-fired Kentucky. The traditional Three Nuns was comprised of 15% natural and 7% ‘manufactured’ Perique. But with Perique more rare than ever, dark-fired Kentucky replaces it, offering the blend a distinct smokiness in place of Perique’s spiciness. Add the natural sweetness of Virginia tobacco, and you have a unique sweet-smoky flavour in this blend that separates Three Nuns from the pipe tobacco norm.

Bell’s Three Nuns is currently available at City Cigar in 50 gram tins.