Vegafina Cigars


Product Description

New to City Cigar as of summer 2012, the Dominican Vegafina brand became an instant hit among our clientele upon its release.

The Vegafina is available in 2 series: the Classic and the Fortaleza 2. The milder of the two, the Classic Vegafina sports a white and silver band, and is made with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, Indonesian binder and filler leaf from the D.R., Honduras, and Columbia. The Fortazela 2 is comprised of a Mexican Criollo wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder and Piloto Ligero Dominican filler. The Ligero leaf in this blend contributes heavily to it’s medium to full body strength.

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Corona Gauge: 42 Length: 5¾”
Corona Tubo Gauge: 42 Length: 5¾”
Piramides Gauge: 50 Length: 6″
Robusto Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
Nicaraguan Corona Gauge: 42 Length: 5⅞”
Nicaraguan Robusto Gauge: 50 Length: 5″